"The Sons of Makuaole"

In late winter of 2008 three brothers got together and decided they wanted to form a band because they enjoyed singing together so much and were told they had a very good and unique sound.  Preparations were discussed and made as to the direction this band might want to go.  Much of the talk centered around their Hawaiian Heritage which is something they were very proud of.  Realizing, of course, that there wasn't a huge market in Indiana for Hawaiian music, the brothers decided to give it a try anyway and thus began the group "Na Kane O Makua'ole" or "The Sons of Makuaole".  How did they choose their name?  It was really pretty easy.  Their Mothers middle name was "Makuaole" and her Maiden name was "Poliahu".  They toyed with the idea of using the "Poliahu" name as part of their bands name but found out that the name itself was being used already so the choice of using "Makuaole" became simple and was adopted.  

   The Brothers still enjoy singing with their family band "Lei'gacy" which has been together for many years and has performed all over the state of Indiana.  "Over they years my brothers and I have really had a tight connection when it came to the three of us singing together.  Our harmony is very good and putting together songs has always been an easy thing for us to pick up on.  One of us starts singing a song and the other two picks their parts out and before we know it we have added another song to our list", states the oldest brother Jerry.

   The Cox Brothers Band has already performed this year for the Four Seasons Retirement Center and has done two shows at Ceraland Park.  They are currently booked to do shows in Monticello, Indiana in August and Indianapolis in September.  Other cities that has contacted them to dp performances for various oranizations are;  Kokomo, Jasper, Paoli, Brownsburg, Lafayette and Carmel.  "The shows we are doing are anywhere from and hour to two hours long with music varying from Hawaiian to 50's & 60's" says Carey Cox the youngest of the three brothers. 

   The band performs a wide variety of songs, some which include:  Mehameha/White Sandy Beach, Blue Hawaii, Hene Kou Akaka, Maui Waltz,  Hanalei Moon, I believe I can Fly, Beach Boy Medley, Sand and the Sea, I Will Be Here, Mama, Turn Around Look At Me, Pretty Woman, Play That Funky Music White Boy, This Is How We Do It, To Make You Feel My Love and many many more.  Song choice catagories are;  Country, Hawaiian, 50's 60's, Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Contemporary, Easy Listening, 70's, and Gospel just to name a few.  "That's one of the fun things about this band" says Middle Brother Marlin Cox, "We fall in love with a song, decide to learn it then add it to our list.  It's always fun learning new songs and getting the sounds right vocally".

The "Cox Brothers Band"

Jerry, Marlin and Carey Cox


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